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Electrical Enclosures

Cates Mechanical SolutionsHaewa is a worldwide supplier of standard and custom electrical and electronic enclosures, modular cabinets, consoles, 19" racks, PC cabinets, network cabinets, distribution cabinets, wire ways, climate control products, filter fans, heat exchangers, air conditioners, punching tools and accessories.

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Wallmount Cabinets WALL MOUNT ENCLOSURES  more details -->
Stainless steel enclosures are made of AISI-type 304. Typically used where corrosion-resistant protection is required in areas such as chemical plants, pulp and paper processing facilities, waste water treatment plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and food proccesing plants.
  • 100 + standard sizes
  • Single door - Double door
  • Junction Boxes
  • Mild steel - Stainless steel - Plastic
  • Custom - made to specifications
  Freestanding Cabinets FREE STANDING CABINETS
  • 24+ standard sizes
  • Single door - Double door
  • Mild steel - Stainless steel
  • Custom - made to specifications
  • 60+ standard sizes
  • Single door - Double door
  • Mild steel - Stainless steel
  • Single bay - Multi bay
  • Custom - made to specifications
  Disconnect Cabinets DISCONNECT CABINETS
  • Wall mount
  • Floor mount
  • Modular
Used for a great variety of applications, ranging from harsh industrial environments to office surroundings, offering both strength and an aesthetically pleasing design.
  • 3 standard sizes
  • Mild steel - Stainless steel
  • Custom - made to specifications
  consoles CONSOLES
  • Standard and Custom
  • Mild steel - Stainless steel
  • Control panel & 19" electronic
  • Single bay - two bay - three bay
fire protection Fire Protection
  • Standard and Custom
  • Mild steel - Stainless steel
  • Cable entry design is flexible
  • Standardized ventilation design
  xframe X-Frame
  • Flexible modular design
  • Integrated cabling channels
filters fans FILTER FANS & FANS
  • Side mount/top mount
  • Super flat EMI/RFI
  • 19" Fan tray
  • Fan heaters
  • Water resistant
  • 19" Rack mount
  heat exchangers HAEWA HEAT EXCHANGERS
Air-to-air heat exchange systems are the most economic solution for dust-free cooling of cabinets at an ambient temperature of up to approx. 40°C. Häwa air-to-air heat exchangers have two separate closed air circuits, each of them equipped with 1 fan and sealed per IP 54.
  • Air-to-Air
  • Water-to-Air
  • Top mount - Side mount
  • 19" Rack mount
Häwa cabinet air conditioners can be used as independent devices up to an ambient temperature of max. 55°C. Similar to air-to-air heat exchangers, they also have two completely separate sealed air circuits per IP 54, equipped with 1 fan each. Heat transfer from ambient cooling of the cabinet's interior temperature. Häwa air conditioners operate with the CFC-free, ozone-friendly refrigerant R134A.
  • Side mount - Top mount
  • Non-filter & Filter
  temp humidity controllers TEMP & HUMIDITY CONTROLLERS
  • Control switch
  • Temperature controller - Standard
  • Temperature controller - Small
  • Humidity controller - Mechanical
  • Humidity controller - Electronic
  • Plastic and aluminum junction boxes and small enclosures
  • Wall attachment brackets
  • Lock inserts
  • Floor stands
  • Door stops & more
  accessories cabinets ACCESSORIES / CABINETS
  • Mounting plates, bases & rails
  • Supports, struts & frames
  • Cross bars & shielded rails
  • Swing frames & Intermediate shelves
  • Door stops & more
tools TOOLS
  • Round - Square - Rectangular - Shaped punches
  • Hand operated punch kits
  • Bow punches
  • Automated punch systems
  • DIN rail cutter
  • Wiring duct cutters

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